Our company, which attaches importance to infrastructure, has a serious, principled, high working discipline, attaches importance to quality, loves its job, is open to learning, and aims to develop itself further in the future, and continues to work in line with its targets. Center Mimarlık ‘The work done is our reference.’ With the principle of not working once with a customer, we work with the principle of continuous work.

In this direction, quality, safety and quality are always kept in the forefront in the light of our main criteria, which are defined as speed, quality and trust, and due attention is paid to occupational safety.

Center Architecture has the knowledge and experience to meet the demands of its customers at every stage of the project. Our aim is that the designs that we provide to our customers in our projects will meet the different expectations and that they can show that dreams can become reality in the application stage.

We carry out works mainly in the fields of architecture, shops, restaurants, residences, offices, hotels. Our project presentations are made by using professional computer hardware and by using 3-dimensional architectural and graphic presentations when needed.